Saturday, July 23, 2011

Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Commonly, we believe that attending a certain expensive restaurant means visiting a restaurant with the best dish in town. This belief is general and drives good chefs opening food bars on strategic location where people have enough money to buy any exclusive menus came out from their experience behind the kitchen door. On this post, I like to discuss top 10 most expensive restaurant in the world

1 ) Aragawa, Tokyo Japan
Rate: US$368/ dine/person
Aragawa is located at the district Shinbashi in Tokyo. It is a renowned steak house and is popular destination for steak junkies around Tokyo. Steak with pepper and mustard is the best culinary in this restaurant.
Steak at Aragawa restaurant

2 ) Paris: Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée
Rate: US $231/ dine/person
Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée
The restaurant is one of 3 eating houses belong to Alain Ducasse. Plaza Athénée itself is resided in the Grand Hotel in Paris. The restaurant is active every day unless summer and near Christmas day.

3) London: Gordon Ramsay
Rate: US $183/ dine/person
Name Gordon Ramsey is taken from a British chef who runs the restaurant since 1998. It only has 13 tables and nearly never quite every evening. The main menus of the restaurant are Pigeon with foei gras and Cornish lamb

4) Munich: Acquarello
Rate: U$125/dine/person
Acquarello is an Italian restaurant with Mediterranean-style and popular Italian Menus such as veal and pasta. Additionally, It offers fish and delicious pigeon dainties for customers who want to enjoy low carb diet

5) Rome: Alberto Ciarla
Rate: US $113/dine/person
Alberto Ciarla
Alberto Ciarla approaches people with a passion to enjoy of fish delicacy. The menus that offered in this restaurant are a tagliatelle served with mussels and grilled and a linguine with tuna and sliced of swordfish meat

6) Toronto: Sushi Kaji
Rate: U$109/dine/person
Sushi Kaji
Mitsuhiro Kaji, the main chef of Sushi Kaji, prepares menus with a price ranging from US$80,100 and US$120. Popular menus in Sushi Kaji are barbecued eel, fried fluke under spicy tomato sauce, water melon soup, and pickled cucumber with strawberry.

7) Montreal Canada: Queue De Cheval Steak House
Rate: US$85/dine/person
La queue de cheval bar steakhouse
The Top Menu of the Restaurant is a corn-fed beef. The beef is taken after it was dried 35 days. The weight is 24 ounces and it is accompanied with a bottle of Californian or Australian wine. You pick it.

8.Madrid: El Amparo,
Rate: US $70/dine/person
El Amparo,
El Amparo used to be a carriage house before it becomes a lovely restaurant in Madrid. It is known for the Iberian Peninsula wines collection, Chocolate soufflé, and the cold salmon dish with tomato sorbet

9) Shanghai: Whampoa Club
Rate: US$63/dine/person
Whampoa Club is famous for the interior design which composes pastel glass decoration and Art Nouveau wall panels with Crystal Chandeliers. The top menus of the restaurants are crispy beef strips combined with sun-dried orange peel and a drunken chicken with chilly sauce. You can eliminate the sauce if you don’t want to of course.

10) Milan Italy, Boeucc
Rate: U$62/Dine/person
Boeucc has cool interior dining room embellished with painting, ceramics and romantic chandeliers and lightning. The popular main course of the restaurant is veal served with pureed potatoes and gusto saffron risotto.
Have you ever visited one of the most expensive restaurant in the world above?



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