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Top 10 most expensive perfumes in world

Beside clothing and jewelry, Perfume is another element of fashion. Today, we can try many perfumes brands before we buy it. However, some perfume brands are so expensive so that sharing it free for testers is impossible. On the following post, we are going to discover those perfumes. I title the post 10 most expensive perfume in the world....[read more]

Cat is a beautiful domesticated animal that is available in different species. Some are worth nothing but its own life and some are worth view hundreds up to view thousand dollars. On the following list, we are going to explore 10most expensive cat breed in the world. Their pureness, rarity, and originally are 3 things which make them special.....[read more]

People build a house with various reasons and some of them are investment and the expression of art and richness. On the following list, I like to give you top 10 most expensive houses in the world. Most of the houses below are one of a kind, build over expensive land lot and took thousand of dollar to maintain it. As info, only one of the house below belong to a man on the list of top 10 world’s richest person 2011....[read more]

Last year, we gave most expensive car in the world’s title to Bugatti Veyron Grand sport and this year, they still holds a same title but the different is the new car is faster than former Bugatti Veyron and also faster than any production car in the world according to Guinness world of record . In this post, we are going to update world’s most expensive car list and we start it with....[read more]

Today, we have countless laptop’s option and we can pick laptop base on money available on our pocket. On the following list, we are going to talk about 10 most expensive laptops brand from different laptop’s maker.....[read more]

If you are photographer and you have loads of passion on your work, chances to make million of dollars from your camera are always opened. As inspiration, I give you 10 most expensive photographs

Commonly, we believe that attending a certain expensive restaurant means visiting a restaurant with the best dish in town. This belief is general and drives good chefs opening food bars on strategic location where people have enough money to buy any exclusive menus came out from their experience behind the kitchen door. On this post, I like to discuss top 10 most expensive restaurant in the world.....[read more]

To get a the best wine in the world, wine fans ready to spare thousand of dollars to enjoy the following list, we are going to stumble upon the best and most expensive wine they are looking for.if you are affluent wine fans you probably already enjoy one of the wine on the following list.....[read more]

Beer is more than liquid to cast thirst out off the throat. It is an old drink with loads of fans from different countries. View connoisseurs only want to drink the world’s best beer available in the bar and the bar give the most expensive back to them. Here are 5 most expensive beer....[read more]

If you look closer, you will find diamonds, sapphires and other Jewelries over the cream of the wedding cake. Although, the wedding cake is baked and creamed, the cake is literally not for the mouth. The wedding cake is just a canvas to bold the oily jewelries. Let’s check those world’s most expensive wedding cake.....[read more]

 These are 5 most expensive boozes that are not distilled for jobless people or a man who just get fired from their job. These 5 cognacs and liquors are limited edition, not available in all liquors stores and the cheapest among the following list is worth more than 20 grand a bottle. This is the list of 5 most expensive cognacs and liquors in the world. I hope you like what you read....[read more]