Friday, June 29, 2012

World Record of Smallest Roadworthy Car

Smallest Roadworthy Car

For the record

Who: Perry Watkins

What: Smallest roadworthy car

Where: Wingrave, United Kingdom

When: May 2009

The smallest roadworthy car is "Wind Up" which measures 104.14 cm (41 in) high, 66.04 cm (26 in) wide and 132.08 cm (52 in). It was created by Perry Watkins (UK) and finished and measured in Wingrave, UK, on 8 May 2009.
The body of the car was constructed out of an old Postman Pat coin-in-the slot children's ride. The car took 7 months to build. The car was finished on the 8th of May this year. The car is registered in tax class PLG and has Insurance and road tax. The car conforms with all construction and use regulations and has all the usual car features such lights, indicators, brake lights, washers, wipers, etc.



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