Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Most Searched Keywords- 2012

In late 2010, we studied for the second time, the “Most Popular Keywords” searched on the Internet.  We gathered from as many sources as we could to a base of phrases and added even more than we had from the original attempt at finding the top searches online.
We realized in the second attempt of the keywords study, that adult keywords were NOT the most sought after online.  In the original study, we made the conclusion that “adult” or “sex” keywords were the most searched because the number of phrases in the top 100 that were related to those adult topics made up a majority of the phrases.  It also made sense from a “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” perspective.  In the privacy of our homes, you might think most of physiological and safety needs are met.  So, we migrate to the love and belonging part of the hierarchy & we might start typing in phrases like  ”porn” or “xxx” while surfing the Internet more easily.
However, there is another number to consider when evaluating what people are searching on the Internet and in that second attempt in 2010, we concluded the volume of each of the terms should be considered.  This year as well, we are giving that much more weight.  So, we’ll summarize below the top categories within the top 100.  After having close to 18 months to think about the 3rd attempt at this study, we believe we’ve been able to create an even better list here for the Top Google Searches in 2012.  Also, we’ll explain our methodology on how we drew up the list at the bottom, but for your immediate edification, here’s the list of the top 100 MOST searched phrases online:



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