Friday, June 18, 2010


Facts 7

       ·        70% of the poor people in the world are female
·        The thickness of the Arctic ice sheet is on average 10 feet. There are some areas that are thick as 65 feet
·        The adult human body requires about 88 pounds of oxygen daily
·        The biggest pumpkin the world weighs 1,337.6 pounds
·        The highest consumption of Pizza occurs during Super Bowl week
·        During World War II, condoms were used to cover rifle barrels from being damaged by salt water as the soldiers swam to shore
·Approximately 55% of movies released are Rated R
·        The Roman emperor Domitian took great pleasure in being secluded in his room for hours and catching flies and stabbing them with pens
·        Tarantulas can live up to 30 years

·        On average redheads have 90,000 hairs. People with black hair have about 110,000 hairs
·        More than half the time spent in United States courts is cases that involve automobiles
·        The smoke that is produced by a fire kills more people than a burn does because of carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases
·        The Saguaro Cactus, found in South-western United States does not grow branches until it is 75 years old.

·        In Belgium, 172,000 tons of chocolate are produced in a year
·        The word Nike comes from Greek Mythology. Nike is the goddess of victory and was often depicted as a small winged figure whom the goddess Athene carried
·        The biggest bug in the world is the Goliath Beetle which can weigh up to 3.5 ounces and be 4.5 inches long
·        Leaving the water running while brushing your teeth can waste four gallons of water in a minute
·Steve Fletcher holds the record for the largest gum wrapper collection. His collection has 5300 gum wrappers from all across the world
·        There was once a country called Prussia. After World War II, it was divided among Poland, Germany, and the USSR
·        The word Spain means "the land of rabbits."
·In 1936, the first practical helicopter was invented. It was the German Focke-Wulf Fw 61.
·The word tulip comes from the Turkish word for turban
·        Psychokinesis refers to the ability of moving objects through psychic power
·        The fat that comes from sheep, which is called tallow, can also be used to produce soap and candles
·        In Britain, one out of every four potatoes is eaten in the form of french · <!--[endif]-->In the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, chocolate syrup was used for blood in the shower scene
·        The movie "Chicken Run" made in 2,000 had the most plasticine used in an animated movie. They used 2,380 kg of plasticine for the movie
·        During WWII, because a lot of players were called to duty, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles combined to become The Steagles
·        The titan arum flower is the largest flower in the world and gives off a horrible odor that smells like rotting flesh when it blooms

·        Every day, the average person swallows about a quart of snot
·        When the only queen ant dies, so does the entire colony, because no new workers are born
·        The Dutch people are known to be the tallest people in Europe
·        The average American kid will eat approximately 1.500 peanut butter sandwiches by high school graduation
·        Goats do not have upper front teeth
·        It has been suggested that shepherds are responsible for inventing the game golf. It is said that they used to use their staffs to hit the stones
·        There are about 6,800 languages in the world
·        Studies have shown that by putting on slow background music it can make a person eat food at a slower rate
· By walking an extra 20 minutes every day, an average person will burn off seven pounds of body fat in an year
·        Ironically, when doctors in Los Angeles, California went on strike in 1976, the daily number of deaths in the city dropped 18%
·        Octopus and squid are thought to be the most intelligent of all invertebrates
·        On average, a beaver can cut down two hundred trees a year.
·        The name of the first menthol cigarette in the United States was "Spud."
·        A world record 328 pound ovarian cyst was removed from a woman in Galveston, Texas, in 1905. updated
·The fastest shark is the "Shortfin Mako," which can swim as fast as sixty miles per hour

·        The flatulation from domesticated cows produce about 30% of the methane on this planet
·        Ironically, watermelons, which are 92% water, originated from the Kalahari Desert in Africa
·The first tattoo machine was invented by Samuel O'Reilly. He did this by using equipment that Thomas Edison used to engrave hard surfaces.
·     In a lifetime, an average human produces 10,000 gallons of saliva
·        A slug has four noses

·        Chili Powder was invented in the 19th century in the American Southwest
·        The sea cucumber spills its internal organs out as a defense mechanism
·        Approximately 25,000 workers died during the building of the Panama Canal and approximately 20,000 of them contracted malaria and yellow fever
·        Braces were first invented by Pierre Fauchard in 1728. The braces were made by a flat strip of metal, which was connected to the teeth by thread.
·Marilyn Monroe had six toes
·        There is a town in Texas called Ding Dong. In 1990, the population was only twenty-two people
·       The total volume of mail that went through the Canadian postal system in 1950 was 1,362,310,155 items



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