Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zero-Energy Fridge Uses Gel to Preserve Food

Zero-Energy Fridge Uses Gel to Preserve Food


This one's a weird one, kids, but still cool.  A new concept for a zero-energy refrigerator uses an odor-free, gel-like substance to cool and preserve food items.
The Bio Robot Refrigerator was designed by Yuriy Dmitriev and is currently a semifinalist in Electrolux's Design Lab competition.  The Bio Robot has no motor, compressor or other electrical components, but it does contain a green biopolymer gel that uses luminescence to preserve food.
To store food, you press the item into the gel, which then envelopes it, creating a "separate capsule" for each product.
The designer highlights its benefits as being:  zero-energy and silent operation, four times smaller than a traditional fridge, but maximized storage space and the absence of doors allows horizontal or vertical placement and displays food in plain view.
I'm not sure how you'd go about cleaning this refrigerator, or how it'd handle storing, say, a pot of soup, but any zero-energy concept is OK by me.
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